Can businesses get free followers on twitter?

Research shows that up to 70% of people buy from brands they already like on social media. That means that any business that is serious about boosting more customers have to work hard to get free followers and free likes on social media platforms. Facebook is good, but twitter’s versatile nature acts a better marketing tool than any other social media platform. However, most businesses and especially the small ones always complain of having few twitter followers.

For any business, having a well written profile of your business graced with a high quality graphics image of your brand name can be the beginning to get more followers on twitter. After that, you can start marketing your twitter handle on the receipts you give to people after purchases or on market yourself on another social media platform where you have a bigger following. Alternatively, you can gain followers by becoming active most time during the day. Tweet thought provoking tweets about your business; take part in hash tags and trending events but make sure to post content that says something about your business. Finally, follow other businesses and people.

What Makes ‘Live Events’ Key For Business Marketing?

Many of the Snapchat users, including your own snapchat followers, will attest to the fact that live events on this platform are more entertaining and interactive, as opposed to watching Television. This is mainly because the stories offer a rather unique view behind the scenes of the event. Additionally, the snapchat live events are less time consuming than having to follow an event on a Television.

With snapchat live events, various snapchat users who are actually attending the event take videos and photos and post them on the live event thread. As such, an entire game may be covered by a snapchat live event in between 15 and 20 short videos. Such videos will cover the main game highlights and some will even cover behind the scenes of the events.

The fact that various snap chatters attending the event are able to contribute to the live event and that random snapchat followers may view the live events makes these events a valuable marketing tool for businesses across the globe.


For those who are on twitter, you will come to an agreement with me that it is not all that simple to get twitter likes for each and every tweet that you get to post on you account. In any case, it will require a great deal of patience, commitment and dedication for you to actually get to realize those numbers increasing.

So you are probably wondering if there could be an easier way for one to get more likes without any hassle whatsoever? Well, yes there is. Amazing right? While in most cases one is often compelled to keep his social circle engaged by posting tweets from morning to evening for them to realize more likes trickling in, you can now purchase automatic twitter likes for your account.

Purchasing automatic likes has become the common trend these days and in as much as not many people are aware of it, it remains the easiest way in which one can get to increase the traffic of his account and even get famous easily. Just by purchasing the package of likes of your choice, you get to receive instant automatic likes when you post a tweet and you don’t have to keep posting each and every time for you to get more likes on your posts. It is quite simple, no hassle whatsoever and above all, it is result oriented.